Casa Galbena Residence

Fayora Real Estate is your partner in purchasing a new apartment in Casa Galbena Residence

1. Fayora Real Estates gives you advices and helps you in obtaining the Credit for the First House with a minimum advance of 5%. This is also the reason why we are waiting for you as soon as possible at our agency’s office in order to “catch” the funds which are assigned for this program.

2. Fayora Real Estates together with our banking partners helps you to obtain real estate financing even if you are working abroad, because we can also take into consideration the incomes obtained outside the country.

The new residential project Casa Galbena contains 5 buildings P+3+Penthouse, with generous parking lots, walkways for residents, benches for rest and relaxation, green area, ornamental trees and also playgrounds arranged for children.
The apartments will be with 1,2 and 3 rooms and on the last floor there will be penthouse apartments with generous terraces and balconies with an area of 121 sqm.

On the ground floor due to the main access we also have a one room apartments in each building with a 52 sqm surface, suitable for an elderly family or why not, for a young one, at the beginning of the road.

The exterior carpentry will be of Salamander (Germany brand) with large triple glazed windows for brightness and on the interior will be DRE (Poland) carpentry. The bathrooms have a generous surface of 5,8 sqm with the possibility of endowment with corner valve, sink body, toilet and suspended bidet.

What is important, besided the fact that all the apartments will have individual counters, is that all the water/sewerage facilities will have a separate niche on the staircase with access from outside the apartments, excluding the old flood problem from a neighbor to another or the discomfort created when replacing a pipe.
The residential project Casa Galbena wants to be something unique at the level of the top residential complexes in the city of Targu Mures. At the ground floor of two attached blocks we will create multifunctional spaces with possible destination of hairdresser/cosmetic salon, dental office, top-shop.

As we all like surprises and for the project to be complete, we announce that a Penny Market store will be built by April 2020, which brings an additional advantage for your comfort, no longer having to travel remotely for shopping, having practically everything near your apartment.

Apartment Types:
1 Room Apartment (V1)
Useful surface with terrace – 52,51 sqm
Price – 46.190 Euro + 5% VAT
2 Room Apartment (V2)
Useful surface with terrace – 69,54 sqm
Price – 51.900 Euro + 5% VAT
2 Room Apartment (V3)
Useful surface with terrace – 75,94 sqm
Price – 55.145 Euro + 5% VAT
3 Room Apartment (V4)
Useful surface with terrace – 121,91 sqm
Price – 94.760Euro + 5% VAT

Side parking space – 1500 euro (VAT included)
Front parking space – 2000 euro (VAT included)

Deadline for Block 1: 31 December 2019
Deadline for Block 2: 30 April 2020

The apartments will be handed over finished as follows:
The building is built on concrete foundation, on the outside the wall in 30 cm thermally efficient brick. Inside, the masonry has a thickness of 12 cm.
The building has sanitary, electrical and gas installations, connected to the existing networks the area, and the interior and exterior finishes are:

Interior finishes:
-Plastered, sanded finished interior walls
- Floors ready for the finaly finish
- Entrance doors
- 5 room PVC joinery, triple glazed windows
- Electrical installations, cable TV and gas sensors
- Heating system and water-duct system with indivdual boiler in condensing gas
- Exterior tiled balconies
- All utilites are individually metered outside the apartments

Exterior finishes:
-30 cm full brick walls
- 10 cm exterior polystyrene insulation
- Exterior PVC joinery with high quality hardware
- Ceramic plywood in the staircase
- Terraces finished with anti-slip exterior tiles
- Metal railings
- Heavy traffic tiles at the staircase and access hall
- Perimeter sidewalk of the precast block with prefabricated tiles
- Green spaces with outdoor ornamental plants and lawn
- Outdoor parking-optional
- Fully finished common spaces
- Administrative space, access ramp for people with disabilities

Payment terms and conditions:
-5% advance for First House loans
- 15% advance on real estate loans, mortgage or payment directly from own source
- there is a 5% discount for full payment
- there is a 2,5% discount for the half payment
The remaining difference of payment will be made at the signing of the sale-purchase contract in autentic form (when the apartment will have a land book extract).

Accepted payment methods:
-Cash or bank transfer
- First House loans
- Real Estate loans
The prices will be calculated in euro, and the amounts will be paid in lei, at the NBR exchange rate on the day of billing.

By contacting us, if you are buyers, you will get free counseling and will not be charged any commision.
We are ready and determined to offer the best solutions in real estate, the best prices, custom created offers according to our clients demands, or assistance during the entire transaction process.
The Fayora Real Estate team will make your dreams come true, with determination and dilligence.