Real Estate Loans - Mortgages

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 Contact Fayora Real Estate and we will work together with the Banca Transilvania advisor to analyse your needs, and then we will counsel you all the way till you purchase your new home!

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The key that opens the door to your new home is money, in the form of a real estate-mortgage loan. In order to better understand different, for the mortgage loan you bring as collateral even the real estate that you purchase by credit, and for the real estate loan you guarantee with another real estate than the one purchased through credit.
If you opt for the real estate or mortgage loan from BT, we can offer you up to a maximum of 85% of the investment value, depending on the destination of the purchase, the currency of the loan and the currency in which you obtain income).


You also choose a dream come true: a real estate that will remain for you and the descendants of your descendants. More specifically, here's what it's all about:
• A credit specialist helps you choose the financial offer that suits you
• find out on the spot what amount you can get and you have 45 days to quietly search for your desired property
• you have a grant period of up to 30 years
• you can take the loan with your life partner, spouse, children, siblings, brothers and sisters-in-law and / or your parents / wife's parents
• for amounts up to 35,000 euros, you can modernize / consolidate / rehabilitate / extend your home with - simplified documentation supporting document)

The interest rate consists of the bank's fixed margin plus the 6-month IRCC or EURIBOR reference index and varies depending on the evolution of the reference index and the exchange rate. The interest rate will be updated and modified by the bank quarterly, depending on the IRCC or EURIBOR monetary index at 6 months.
Representative examples:

• If you receive income in a BT account, for a loan of 321.176 lei, contracted for a period of 30 years (360 monthly installments) with interest fixed first 5 years then variable 7,50%, you pay a monthly rate of 1,909 lei. In this case, the APR (Annual Effective Interest) will be 8,84% of the total cost of the loan is 455,412 lei, and the total amount to be paid will be 776,588 lei.
• If you receive income in a BT account, for a loan of 68.750 euros, contracted for a period of 30 years (360 monthly installments), with variable interest 8.09%* (EURIBOR6M + 4.75pp), you will pay a monthly rate of 407 euroeuros. In this case, the APR (Annual Effective Interest) will be 4.66%, the total cost of the loan is 78,783 euro, and the total amount to be paid will be 147,533 euro.
* The interest rate varies according to the ROBOR 6M and EURIBOR 6M reference indices and consists of the margin and the reference rate, where the reference rate represents the average of the ROBOR and EURIBOR index at 6 months, calculated for the last working day of the completed quarter.

 What other costs does the loan entail?
Because we want to build a relationship based on transparency and trust, you will know that of course we also have certain commissions. It is normal to know them and take them into account!
• dossier analysis commission:
Real estate / mortgage loan in lei: 400 lei
Real estate / mortgage loan in euros: 100 eur
• annual administration fee: 150 lei / year
• single commission for the services we offer on request: 100 lei / service
• real estate evaluation commission: 575 lei for the apartment / 860 lei for the house, villa, land and constructions
• real estate insurance: it is mandatory, but we come to your aid and offer you the possibility to conclude the insurance without other roads to the bank
• registration fee at RNPM (National Register of Mobile Advertising): 87.6 lei for each guarantee.
In the case of income 
from abroad, the costs are different. For more information, we are waiting for you in any Banca Transilvania unit.

Conditions for granting:

•you have a minimum advance of 15% for a loan in lei and of at least 20% for the loan in euro
•you have salary income, pensions or other types of stable income of at least 3 months
•you are at least 18 years old
•you have a good payment behavior
•you fit in terms of BT scoring


Required documents:

•identity card
•ANAF agreement to verify your income (you receive it and you sign it at our headquarters)
•documents showing the value of the asset for which you are requesting the loan
•property deeds of the real estate taken under warranty (e.g. cf extract)
•the evaluation report from which its market value emerges (we also help you with it)


If you realize incomes that,according to the law, are not reported to ANAF, please requestin the units of BancaTransilvania information about the necessary income documentation.

Variation the referenceindex, the fluctuation of own income, as wellas the change in the exchange rate can influencethe possibility of payingthe loan installmentsor the total amount to be paid.