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                                               Welcome to the Green Residence Residential Complex

Fayora Real Estate is your partner in purchasing a new apartment in the Green Residence Ensemble:

Fayora Real Estate gives you advices and helps you in obtaining the Credit for the First House with a minimum advance of 5%. This is also the reason why we are waiting for you as soon as possible at our agency’s office in order to “catch” the funds which are assigned for this program.

Fayora Real Estate together with our banking partners helps you to obtain real estate financing even if you are working abroad, because we can also take into consideration the incomes obtained outside the country.

We count on the excellent quality of the materials, generous surfaces and the placing in one of the most desired residential areas from the town’s area of expansion, at the exit towards Livezeni. The infrastructure includes a security system and arranged parking spaces, with a reserve of additional parking spaces. We add to all this arranged green spaces, a playground for children and access alleys. The buildings are at a distance of just a few minutes of walk from supermarkets, schools, kindergartens, a sports complex, bus stations, but also from one of the town’s most appreciated forested green areas. Everything, with direct access from the main road, through an arranged connection road.
Green Residence proposes the perfect combination between the practical character living in the urban area and the vicinity of the forest, with peace and quiet, a green landscape and an excellent quality of the air.

Interior finishing
- Interior walls plastered and painted with white emulsion paint.
-Floors prepared for final finishing.
-Metallic entry doors equipped with safety systems.
-Thermal insulation carpentry in laminated wood, plated with aluminum on the outside (Anthracite Gray color), triple-layered glass, with high quality Maco hardware
- Electrical installations with mounted plugs and switches.
-Other given installations, TV cable, equipped with apparatus (plugs,switches, intercom, thermostat for temperature adjustment, as well as gas sensor ).
-Floor heating installation, with individual gas condensing boiler (option of customer choice heating with radiators / but without price differentiation)
-Installation installation installed in livinig
-Bathroom ventilation system, differentiated according to the floor, equipped with fans
-Water, sewer, gas, electrical and low current installation
-Built-in heating and electrical installations
-Apparent gas installation, according to the law.
- Balconies plated with exterior tiles.
- All the utilities are metered individually in the exterior of the apartments.
- Sanitary items in the bathroom (the sanitary installations are drawn at the position)

Exterior finishing and arrangement

-Strength-foundation structure, frame structure and reinforced concrete slab floors.
-Height regime P+10 floors.
-Wall made integrally of bricks of 30 cm in thickness.
-10 cm exterior isolation – polystyrene.
- Laminated wood thermal insulation joinery, aluminum plated on the outside (Anthracite Gray color)
-Ceramic tiling of the staircase.
- Finished terraces with antislip exterior tiles.
- Metallic banisters.
- Heavy traffic tiles at the staircase and the access hallway in the building.
-Ambient illumination, illuminated staircase, exterior illumination with led bulbs.
- Surveillance system of the building’s perimeter, access in the building and parking.
- Sidewalk around the perimeter plated with prefabricated slabs.
- Structural frame – foundations, the structure in frames and tile type slabs made of reinforced concrete.
-Elevators – 2 pieces, capacity of 6 persons each, weight 630 kg.
- Administrative space, approach ramp for persons with disabilities.
-Simple outdoor parking, without accesories, available 1 apartment/1 parking space (optional)

Building Structure K, GF + 10

-20 1-room apartments, with a usable area of 43 sqm
-44 2-room apartments, with a usable area between 73 and 80 sqm
-22 apartments with 3 rooms, with a usable area of 73 sqm
-Available outdoor parking 1 place / 1 apartment

Building Structure L, GF + 10

-53 1-room apartments, with a usable area between 41 and 52 sqm
-Availability of outdoor parking 1 place / 1 apartment
-44 2-room apartments, with a usable area between 73 and 80 m

Estimated deadline
The completion of Blocks K and L from a constructive point of view with the handing over of the house to the future owners is December 31, 2022.
The estimated term for transcribing the apartments by signing a sale-purchase contract with a notary after the date mentioned above, is June 31, 2023.

Conditions and terms of payment
- Minimum advance of 15% with payment from own sources or real estate loan with pre-contract signing with a notary.
- In the case of real estate, mortgage or other programs, the minimum advance stipulated by the banks is accepted. Thus, for the New House loan, the minimum advance of 5% is accepted under the conditions stipulated by the program.

- The remaining payment difference is made when signing the sale-purchase contract in authentic form at the notary after obtaining the land book certificate.
- The prices are calculated in EUR, and the payment is made in RON at the NBR exchange rate from the date of issuing the invoice
- Payment can only be made by bank transfer with PO
- After the choice of the apartment by the client and the signing of the Confirmation Form, an invoice will be issued representing a reservation fee of 3000 EUR + 5% VAT, which will be deducted from the amount of the above mentioned advance once the pre-contract is signed at the notary.
The term of the Reservation Contract related to the Reservation Invoice will be until March 2022 at the latest.

We look forward to choose one of the modernly designed apartments in the Green Residence Ensemble!

By contacting us, if you are buyers, you will get free counseling and will not be charged any commision.
We are ready and determined to offer the best solutions in real estate, the best prices, custom created offers according to our clients demands, or assistance during the entire transaction process.
The Fayora Real Estate team will make your dreams come true, with determination and dilligence.





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