First House Credit Loan

Fayora Imobiliare is the BCR partner for The First House Credit Loan!

Contact Fayora Imobiliare and we will work together with the BCR adviser to analyze your needs, and then we will counsel you all the way till you purchase your new home! We were chosen by BCR for our earnestness! Do the same!

Apply for a house loan at BCR!

Do you remember your firs bike? Your firs favorite toy? The first book read? You didn't know it yet, but the time to pick a home would come. Now, however, you konw how important this is to you. Coose the Prima Casa loan and turn your hectic life into a rich one, at home!



Beneficiaries: to obtain this credit you need to be minimum18 years old, and to fulfill the criteria of the governmental program „FIRST HOUSE” and the bank's own eligibility criteria.

Destination: We recommend you, and BCR will approve your credit application based on:

– purchasing a finished home

– purchasing an unfinished home, in different stages of execution

– purchasing a new home, on Romania's territory, registered in the Property Registry

– building a new home

Currency: RON

Maximum amount: up to 95% of the purchasing price, but no more than:

– 57.000 EUR in RON currency for finished homes

– 66.500 EUR in RON currency for new homes

Maximum duration: 30 years

Minimum down payment: 5%

Guaranties: We recommend you and BCR will accept your loan application based on:

● Mortgage of the purchased building/built with the credit

● Guaranty of all income in your current banking accounts at BCR (mortgage upon all your deposits)

● Collateral deposit in favor of the bank and valid for the whole duration of the credit, consisting of the 3 interest rates, and blocked for the whole duration



● The Mandatory Home Insurance (PAD) in favor of the state, represented by the Ministry of Public Finances and the bank, for the whole duration.

● Optional Building Insurance purchased with the credit, in favor of the state, represented by the Ministry of Public Finances and the bank, for the whole duration

● Building Insurance for the building work in progress


● Life Insurance

● Unemployment Insurance, which you can buy only with the life insurance. In case of unemployment you get up to 12 monthly rates payed by the bank, and in case of permanent incapacitation or death, the insurance will cover the whole debt.A. Required documents:

Identification (for applicant, family members and if needed other people that participate with their income in paying the credit)

Marriage Certificate or Divorce Sentence, if needed (copy)

Proof of income (for applicant, and if needed other co-payers; different forms according to income)

Documents confirming the down payment: purchase draft of contract, notary authenticated receipt, etc.

Documents regarding other credits/credit cards/overdraft that the applicants has from other banks.

Declaration by self responsibility and authenticated, that at the moment of application the applicant does not own personally or with the marriage partner, no house/apartment, regardless of the matter of obtainment, or that the applicant, sole or with the marriage partner do not own a place to live obtained by any other means than this program, larger than 50m².

B. Specific documents, different for the credit destination: purchase, build etc.:

For instance, to buy a home you need:

Draft of purchase contract

Proof of property (copy)

Declaration by self responsibility of seller, that according to the 10/2001 Law, the real estate property is not judiciary challenged and that there are no judicial controversies about it

Extracts from the Fiduciary registry (copy)

Certificate of energetic efficience.

Ask your BCR consultant for the complete list of all documents required for a credit application, according to your needs! desp-001 

This is what you need to do in order to get a credit loan from BCR:

– Contact us and we will make an appointment with a BCR loan consultant

– Show the BCR consultant documents about your income

– Verify if all conditions are met for the amount requested

– After your documents are accepted (including documents attesting the building to be purchased), we present you the “Standard European information regarding private loans” and sign the loan application

– After paying the evaluation tax, an external evaluator will analyze the building signed as guaranty

– Together with BCR we will inform you if your application was accepted or rejected

– If your application has been accepted, you sign the loan contract, guaranty contracts, insurance policies, etc.

– BCR will transfer the money into your account, from where you can make the transfers towards the seller/builder, provider, etc, according to the purchasing contract, or towards the financial institutions if the goal is to refinance an existing credit.

If the desired building hasn’t been found at the moment BCR approves the credit, you will have 45 days at your disposal to find it and prepare the necessary documentation.




Firstly they approve your application and then you have up to 90 days to find the home of your dreams


● Small monthly rate, low financial effort because of the low costs and large duration; besides you get an interest reduction of 0,2 p. p. if you get your salary into an BCR account

● Zero analysis commission


● you can bring up to 3 co payers which means you can get a bigger amount


By buying life and unemployment insurance you protect yourself and your family. In case of unfortunate events, the credit does not become a burden.


● the documentation is simplified: no copies of your work contract, even without paycheck proof if your income gets into a BCR account

● you get specialized consultancy on whole credit duration


● You can pay the monthly rates without going to the bank, by using Click / Alo 24 Banking BCR

● You have the possibility of reimbursing the whole amount with zero costs

● You can pay fixed or decreasing rates