My Home Credit Loan BCR

Fayora Imobiliare is the BCR partner for the My Home credit loan!

Contact Fayora Imobiliare and we will work together with the BCR advisor to analyse your needs, and then we will counsel you all the way till you purchase your new home! We were chosen by BCR for our earnestness! Do the same!

Apply for a house loan at BCR!

Our company, Fayora Imobiliare recommends applying for the MY HOME credit loan at BCR! Are you looking for a New House or plan to renovate your home?



– purchase of dwellings
– refinancing other real estate/mortgage loans in progress with BCR or other ba

Minimal amount: – 45.000 RON
Maximum amount: we offer up to 85% of your investment value.
Maximum duration: 30 years
Minimal down payment:

 – 25% of investment value if you own a propery;
– 15% of investment value if you don’t own a property;
– 0% in case of loans granted to refinance other mortgage/real estate credits in progress

 Guaranties: We recommend you and BCR will accept your loan application based on:

 – Mortgage established in favor of the bank over the real estate purchased by credit or, by
the case, of the real estate which secured the refinanced credit and, to supplement, if the case,
another real estate on Romania’s territory (in case of mortgage loans)
– Mortgage established in favor of the bank over another real estate than the one purchased by
credit or, by the case, of the real estate which secured the refinanced credit on Romania’s
territory (in case of real estate loans)

 Insurance: for your safety it is necessary to contract the following insurances:

– Mandatory

The Mandatory Home Insurance (PAD), in favor of the bank.

Optional Building Insurance as a guarantee for the loan, in favor f the bank; we meet your insurance needs and give you the opportunity to contract the insurance right at the bank, with OMNIASIG VIG, but you can also chose another insurance company.

– Optional

Life insurance, offered free by the bank for the whole duration of the credit loan contract, if the conditions requested by the Insurer are met.

Complex Insurance (to be paid) that supports you in cases of unemployment, medical leave, partial or full incapacitation (if the eligibility conditions requested by the Insurer are met)

Insurance for Serious Illness (to be paid) that helps you in case of heart failure, cancer, strokes, partial or full invalidity (if the eligibility conditions requested by the Insurer are met)




Identification (for applicant, family members and if there is the case, other people that help pay the loan)

Documents for income proving (for applicant, and if needed other co payers; different forms according to income)

Utilities Bills (no older than 3 months previous to requesting the loan) but only if there is no other credit loan at BCR or other financial institutions

Documents attesting ownership for the building as guaranty - different for each loan (ex. copies of the ownership document registered at the Fiduciary Office, or copies of Property Registration documents)


 This is what you need to do in order to get a credit loan from BCR:

– Contact us and we will make an appointment with a BCR loan consultant

– Show the BCR consultant documents about your income

– Verify if all conditions are met for the amount requested

– After your documents are accepted (including documents attesting the building to be purchased), we present you the “Standard European information regarding private loans” and sign the loan application

– After paying the evaluation tax, an external evaluator will analyse the building signed as guaranty

– Together with BCR we will inform you if your application was accepted or rejected

– If your application has been accepted, you sign the loan contract, guaranty contracts, insurance policies, etc.

– BCR will transfer the money into your account, from where you can make the transfers towards the seller/builder, provider, etc, according to the purchasing contract, or towards the financial institutions if the goal is to refinance an existing credit.


If the desired building hasn’t been found at the moment BCR approves the credit, you will have 45 days at your disposal to find it and prepare the necessary documentation.. 



 Low Costs:

 – fixed interest in the first 3 years / 5 years / 10 years, then variable or variable interest for the
entire tenor of the loan, according to your option:
-1.00 p.p. discount if you receive the salary/ pension in a BCR current account
- 0.20 p.p if you choose to contract and keep the life insurance offered by BCR Life Insurance
- 0.30 p.p if you choose to contract and keep the life insurance offered by BCR Life Insurance
together with the complex insurance
– zero credit analysis fee
– zero credit management fee
– zero foreign currency exchange rate risk as long as your income or resources securing credit
repayment are in the same currency as the contracted credit


 Safety and Comfort:

 – you know from the beginning what credit instalment you will have during the first 3 years, 5
years or 10 years and you have control over your budget.
– we offer you the chance to also sign at BCR premise the real estate insurance policy for the
whole lending period with OMNIASIG VIG
– you can choose a special current account to run the credit, which is not fee-bearing and which
allows only drawings from and repayments for the credit, enabling you in this way to pay your
instalments safely and comfortably.



– you can get your credit approval and then in 90 days you can find your home
– in case you have not found the house you want to buy, we first approve your credit and than
you have 90 days since the credit offer signing to find the desired house
– you can choose both the valuator and the notary you want to collaborate with in this process,
or you can choose the valuator and the notary the bank has collaboration contracts with.



 – NO need of income documents, as the information is obtained from ANAF data basis