Real Estate Marketing and Promotion

Real Estate Marketing and Promotion

 Fayora Real Estate ensures integrated marketing and publicity solutions for properties, investments and real estate projects. We also offer our clients all means and data required for a professional representation and counseling.

Classical, as well as internet publicity meet our clients needs, will they either be selling, buying or renting property, because once the said property gets the right publicity it will reach the desired finality faster and at the desired price.

Fayora Real Estate holds, beside other contracts in its services portfolio, an exclusivity contract that states the promotion and publicity by all media online and off-line used by our agency. The advantages of this type of publicity are visible and effective immediately after the owner buys the above package.

Classical publicity means promoting the property by banners with the agency logo and contacts. This is extremely efficient especially if the property is located in an area with high traffic. It needs to say that in order to benefit from this type of publicity, any of our agency’s contracts will suffice, signing an Exclusivity Contract not being necessary.


Another way of promoting the property is Internet publicity, meaning the property is added to our agency’s website, as well as on our partners’ websites, bringing a great number of views in record time, bringing transaction perspectives faster and at the price requested by our clients.