Real Estate Brokerage and Representation Services

Real Estate Brokerage and Representation

 At Fayora Real Estate we offer services of intermediation and real estate consultancy for real estate transactions, meaning that we take care of all details regarding renting, buying and selling real estate properties. We prepare all necessary documentation for our clients, whose main advantage is the safety and correctness of the financial transaction they desire.

Therefore, through our intermediation services we ensure a correct evaluation of value, buyer/seller selection, transaction security and an optimal price in the shortest time possible, as well as preparing all paperwork for these transactions.

Owner Representation

By understanding the means by which a property is placed on the market and how it can get the best exposure Fayora Real Estate meets your specific needs and offers all support for the success of your transaction. We provide a wide range of services:

      Property placement and recommendations regarding pricing policy

      Suggestions for property rentals and sales strategies

      Property exposure towards the community of potential clients

      Negotiations regarding property sales

Buyer Representation

The Fayora Real Estate team supports the buyers, either people looking for a new home, or companies looking for business locations, through space requirement analysis and of personal or business objectives, in order to offer the best possible solution. Our experts study the market situations and conditions, identify potential solutions and, together with our clients choose the best option, the one that fits everybody’s needs demands. here are a few of our services:

      Market analysis and property identification

      Assistance for loans from financial institutions

      Buying/selling negotiations

      Assistance and support in the relation with local authorities, notaries, architects, builders, etc

Rental Representation

If you need to rent we offer our support with space requirements analysis or business objectives in order to present you with the ideal real estate solution In representing tenants and owners we study market conditions, negotiate existing contracts and offer solutions for relocations or business expansion. We find the best solutions through our services:

      Study and evaluation of selected property

      Market analysis and comparison

      Rental procedures negotiation

      External agreements in order to finalise the rental transaction