Case Noi Individuale in Livezeni


New Individual Houses for Sale in Livezeni Area

Fayora Real Estate offers for sale New Individual Houses located in Livezni, with a developed area of 180,9 sqm and a total land of 500 sqm which includes the garden.

The project located in Livezeni is a residential complex consisting of individual houses positioned in a quiet area, where you can enjoy nature and be close to urban facilities

.From the experience of our clients our clients, we are convinced that the time spent in nature in the company of loved ones brings joy and health, so this project of individual houses is the perfect option if you are the person determined to escape the urban agglomeration, benefiting from an oasis of greenery and relaxation space found in the courtyard.

The proposed New Individual Houses perfectly combine the advantages of an easily accesible home and the peace offered by the community, these houses being distinguished by modern arhitecture, superior quality of construction and premium materials used.
The completion deadline of the residential complex is 2022.

By contacting us, if you are buyers, you will get free counseling and will not be charged any commision.
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The Fayora Real Estate team will make your dreams come true, with determination and dilligence.